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Colin & Stephanie Bennett

Craft Beer Bar Rethinking the pretzel since 2011

Stephanie and Colin met in Honolulu, HI in 2005. They fell in love while working together at the Gordon Biersch Brewery, where they drank many Blond Bocks under the Hawaiian sun.  Stephanie, a Rhode Island native, was planning on moving back to Westerly before they met. A long distance relationship ensued with a Fourth of July visit to Block Island peppered in for Colins' first experience of the state!  By 2006 they had landed in Westerly together. Many years of experience in restaurants and a love for quality beer led them to opening their own place in May of 2011. They could have never imagined how it would all play out... 
Now their 225 seat, three-level restaurant is thriving in a restored, historical downtown setting.  Thankful to be a part of the rich history of Westerly, the Malted Barley was a cornerstone in the revitalization aspirations of the area.  Over the years, through growth and expansion, they have remained committed to providing a simple, quality menu that both applauds and supports our local brewers and farmers.     
They are now raising their two boys in the town they love so much and remain grateful and thankful for how it has all played out...




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Ian's love for beer started just like most young adults, at Elmira College with sleep deprived classes during the day and hitting up the local college pub at night-  indulging in their finest bud light. Slowly the gateway to better liquid came forth in the form of Magic Hat #9, not that it’s a crazy beer, but it was a start. Magic Hat #9 then turned into many visits up to Ithaca Beer Co. each time he went to visit his good friend at Cornell University. Upon his return to Rhode Island, after graduating with a Business degree and living on Maui for a bit, the thirst for beer knowledge and more complex brews continued, but did not blossom until the doors opened at The Malted Barley in 2011. The concept of the the Malted Barley combined with Ian’s degree and his background growing up immersed in the cooking and restaurant industry from his father’s profession, allowed him to flourish. Ian is now a Certified Cicerone and loves sharing his knowledge with his customers and staff. He is married to his wife Christine and lives in Westerly where he enjoys playing hockey, surfing, is an avid fisher and fly fisherman, outdoorsman, and enjoys brewing beer at home when time allows. He sits on the board of directors for the Wood Pawcatuck Watershed Association where he spends a lot of his time fishing.


Stephanie’s journey into the craft beer world started long before she ever sipped her first Stone Ruination. Like all the cool kids in 2007, she was working at a casino drinking vodka Red Bull - not giving craft beer a thought. That’s where this amazing voyage began. A fresh faced surfer looking dude planted a seed and four years (and a more sophisticated pallet) later, the first IPA made contact. It’s been a love hate relationship ever since. Trying anything once and stumbling upon a handful or so that are delightful (and used for more than making bread for her family). Ah yes you read that right! 
She has a family; 3 daughters, 2 fur babies, and 7 chickens. In what free time they do have, they spend it in the kitchen being absolutely ridiculous. Food is the glue that holds them all together and the string that ties the Barley into their passion in life.